Sea Buckthorn Berries / Seaberries

Welcome to, Your Sea Buckthorn Berry (Sea Berry) Resource

Sea buckthorn berries are an up and coming berry in North America that are a highly useful crop to grow due to their incredibly high nutritional and antioxidant content, as well as the many medicinal and health uses of the various components of the plant.

There is some great information about sea berries in this pdf document. For more information on some of the recent research done on sea buckthorn, go to the PubMed medical database  and type “Hippophae Rhamnoides” (latin name) into the search field.

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About Us is being developed as a resource for the emerging sea buckthorn industry in North America and the growing industries throughout the world. The berry has been shown to be one of the most nutritious and useful foods on the planet and is distinctly delicious (some cultivars), and as a result, it is hoped that it will join many of our popular berries in the marketplace.